Fear of flying

Aviation has become an essential part of modern life. Every year, about two billion people travel by plane. Flying has become ever more safe and comfortable. Whereas for some passengers flying is just daily routine, for others it is a true passion.

And yet, one out of three persons prefers to keep both feet firmly on the ground. Some are only moderately scared during the flight, while others won’t even consider putting one foot inside a plane.

Luckily it is getting less and less difficult to take that first step. Efficient new methods allow the traveller to control their fear of flying.

After receiving hundreds of requests and inquiries about courses to help conquer fear of flying, Brussels Airport decided to organize a fully fledged Fear of Flying Help Course in collaboration with the Belgian airline Brussels Airlines and specialists from the faculty Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology of Ghent University.

Not just any noncommittal help course, but a program that offers the best possible chances of success. Soon planning the family holidays will no longer be limited to a few destinations that can be reached by car. At the office you will no longer have to think up excuses as to why you cannot take that course in London or cannot attend the Milan fair.